30 Apr 2010

Jane Burgermeister: General criticises Polish PM Tusk over plane crash

General Czempinski opieprzyl Tuska.
General, ten od sluzb specjalnych.
To on zalozyl Platforme i on ja wykonczy.

Teraz pora na Olechowskiego.
Na prezydenta.

Czyzby koniec Platformy byl blizszy niz przewidywalismy?
Dzieki katastrofie?

Jane Burgermeister: General criticises Polish PM Tusk over plane crash
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By Jane Burgermeister

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was criticised by a high-ranking general on Polish TV yesterday for his role in the plane crash in Smolensk that killed the Polish President and a swathe of the military and civilian elite.

General Gromosław Czempiński expressed incomprehension over the event on Polish TVN24, saying the Prime Minister’s office must bear the responsibility for the “tragic flight.”

Czempinski also criticised the fact that investigators had taken so long to determine the time of the crash as 8.41 am CET, 15 minutes earlier than in the official version.

Tusk’s Defence Minister Bogdan Klich has so far been the target of criticism over the botched investigation with calls for his resignation.

But Czempinski’s remarks could increase the pressure on Tusk. Tusk is also widely seen as doing far too little to uncover the causes of the plane crash that killed many of his political opponents.

On Thursday, family members of the plane crash victims stated that most had not been able to see the bodies.

For purposes of identification in Moscow, some family members were just shown photos of parts of bodies.

In addition, it was reported that the director of the Polish state air line LOT has ordered its 550 pilots to make no statements about the crash in Smolensk.

Polish prosecutors said on Thursday they are looking into four possible causes for the plane crash in Smolensk: a technical failure, pilot error, an error by the control tower or groundcrew or third party’s actions, such as a terrorist attack.

A technical malfunction as the cause has been more or less ruled out already.

It has been established that the Polish pilots spoke fluent Russian, were highly trained and familiar with Smolensk airport.

The fact that the pilot of the Tupolev plane did not respond to warnings from the EPGWS system that the plane was too close to the ground has fuelled speculation that he had lost control of the plane.

The Polish prosecutor said that reports that a heavy Russian military aircraft had been flying above the Tupolev plane forcing it down to the ground could be ruled out because the witness’s times do not match with the event.

Polish prosecutors have applied for more information from Russian investigators on the Smolensk crash site, the plane wreckage, autopsies of the victims, toxological studies, weather data, the security measures on the airplane as well as for the right to interview Smolensk airport personnel, including records of the air controller.

Strikingly, no ambulance personnel went to the crash scene, and no bodies can be seen on videos shot after the crash.

The failure of Tusk to conduct a proper investigation into the biggest tragedy to befall Poland in years is surely a reason for him to resign.

Given the evidence that the deaths of so many of his political opponents was not an accident, Tusk should have made an extra effort to investigate.

How much credibility does he now have? Aren’t new elections required immediately?


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