24 Apr 2010

She can't help Hollie Greig. Głosuj na zielonych!

Saturday, 24 April 2010 07:25
UK Green Party Leader Says She Can't Help Hollie Greig

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your email and for asking Caroline to look into this case. Much as she shares your concern about Hollie, the reports of a police cover up and the risk to numerous other children, she cannot at present see what she can do in her capacity as an MEP. Certainly the Green Party would back the calls for a full investigation but it seems to me that legal action is required here. I am sorry we cannot help at present and thank you again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,


Cath Miller,
Constituency Coordinator and Researcher
Office of Dr Caroline Lucas

Green Party MEP for SE England

But hundreds of people who are not even an MP of any kind are helping Hollie Greig. How about helping in your capacity as leader of the Green Party? How about helping out of sheer human decency and a sense of justice?

Na stronie Davida Icke
znalazłem informację że nasza pani poseł nie pomoże, bo nie może, niepełnosprawnej dziewczynce, okrutnie gwałconej przez pedofili z rządowego wózka Szkocji.

Caroline Lucas: batteries not included.

Na marginesie: David Icke ma także już polski odpowiednik swojej bezprecedensowej strony

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